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In 2021, there were OVER 361,000 house fires in the United States, along with 2,880 civilian deaths, and 8.9 billion dollars in property damage reported by the NFPA.

A house fire occurs every 93 seconds.
For fire and CO protection, we offer a wide variety of products from Honeywell to DMP including smoke/heat detectors, and CO detectors. Our goal is to ensure that your loved ones, pets, and property are protected. Connect the detectors to your monitored security and/or fire system to confirm dispatch of the fire department when in need. 



Carbon Monoxide Prevention

 Heating systems with chimneys should be checked every year by a licensed technician.

 All gas appliances should have proper ventilation.

 Have an accepted CO detector in each level of your house.

Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

 CO detectors will expire and have to be replaced on the expiration date noted from the manufacturer.

 Wireless detectors will need replacement batteries annually.

 CDC information on CO detectors found here.